Current Promotion – Jump Start

Current Airvine promotions for RESELLER partners:

  • 90-Day Jump Start BONUS–Resellers ONLY.  Earn a $100 bonus on each unit sold for those accounts that you register (see Deal Registration) within your first 90 days as an Airvine reseller (from the day you receive the acceptance e-mail) and that close within the deal reg time period (i.e., if you registered a deal on day 70, and they close within the normal 90-day deal reg period, you will get this extra bonus amount). Direct payout will be within 30 days of payment received to the name and address you used when you signed up as a partner.This will encourage you to get familiar with the Deal Registration program and provide an extra bonus amount initially to help compensate for the time it takes to get up to speed on the new product.