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Alliance with Ruckus

RUCKUS Networks is an industry leader when it comes to Wi-Fi. The desire to deliver amazing experiences to an ever-expanding spectrum of end users across an ever-evolving set of use cases continues with the Ruckus – Airvine partnership.

We help to efficiently transport data from APs to the rest of the network to allow for seamless connectivity for the best end-user experiences. Using modern planning tools, it’s easy to point to a location and say “we need an AP right there” but when trying to take that design and implement it in the real world – it’s never that easy.

Too often we see wireless designers asked to compromise their designs to meet the limitations of the wired infrastructure. Utilizing Airvine’s 60Ghz technology, these limitations no longer limit the implementation of the optimal Wi-Fi design, allowing the finished product to deliver exactly what the customer needs. We imagine working together with RUCKUS to deliver on this potential in:

✅ Hospitality events/ Temporary networks

✅ Permanent network extension (retrofitting older buildings)

✅ Large spaces like warehousing and venues

✅ Multi-Dwelling Units (MDU)

To learn more about our partnership with Ruckus and our program, visit

Wireless Trends from Airvine

The wireless space is a unique place as trends are constantly changing which have powerful impacts on consumers and businesses globally. Here are two trends we’re keeping close watch on:

C-band and accelerated 5G competition

As wireless carriers roll out C-band as part of their 5G network plans, it will also prompt 5G upgrades for those in the in-building wireless space. This is exciting news for organizations seeking faster, more reliable networks, or managing massive data traffic.

Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act

This once-in-a-generation infrastructure investment will ensure Americans who don’t have access to affordable broadband can receive services of at least  25 megabits per second. This is a significant step towards closing the digital divide especially as Americans become more reliant on connectivity for work, school, telehealth, community, and more.

With vacancy rates in MDUs approaching zero, Technology that drives connectivity can Monetize Real Estate

  • Increase property values – properties with full gigabit connectivity throughout offer new revenue streams
  • Decreases Expenses – automated systems, energy management,
  • Decrease risk – video security, sensors

Which trends do you have your eye on? Hit ‘reply’ to this email and let us know which wireless issues are on your radar.

Employee Spotlight

Name: Allen Lee

Job Title: Principal Software Engineer

I have over 20 years of experience in software architecture, development, technical leadership and systems engineering across multicultural environments. One significant career achievement is leading a team to build a network controller from scratch – which can manage 30,000 devices!

What about Airvine and the WaveTunnel product excites you?

I’m super excited to work with many experienced experts in Airvine to redefine the infrastructure of in-building wireless communication. I believe we’ll provide our customers with a powerful, flexible, and easily managed WaveTunnel solution.

Fun Fact About You: I have a collection of Starbucks mugs. I get a new mug in every city I visit so I currently have around 70 mugs

A TV Show You’re Ashamed to Admit You Love: The Boys

When You’re Not Working, What Can We Find You Doing? Reading, playing basketball, watching movies

In Case You Missed It

Airvine Has Completed a $10 Million Series A Round to Accelerate the Rollout of its Wireless Freeway

“We now have the funding in-place to accelerate our push into enterprise accounts worldwide. This will require that we continue to scale up the entire organization. We are also thrilled with the pace at which channel partners have been flocking to our banner. The future is looking very bright, and we are delighted to have Crosslink Capital as part of the team.” – Vivek Ragavan, CEO of Airvine

Read the full release.

More Awards

We’ve been shortlisted for the 2022 Wireless Broadband Alliance Industry Awards

Airvine has been shortlisted in the Best Wi-Fi Network Technology category! Take a look at the full list of companies who have been acknowledged for their contributions to the wireless ecosystem.

Upcoming Events

Airvine will be joining two of our Partners at the upcoming OPTECH Conference & Expo November 01-03, 2022 Wynn Resort in Las Vegas 

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