Best Wireless Networking Access Point

Problem – Setting up a Wireless Networking Access Point

When companies are trying to set up a wireless networking access point they run into the following problems with existing approaches:

wireless network access points

Complex Planning

Requires a boatload of planning, with specialized cable installers, certified cable runs, more “wi-fi” installers, then re-installs (oops—missed some cable drops), plus the IoT and small cell setup… your head hurts already.

Slow Deployment

Most options are inflexible–you can’t smash through the foot of concrete, the crawl space only fits a cockroach, the basement sprouts water, it’s as long as a football field, and the place is open 24/7 (no noise please)—no wonder it can take weeks or months to pull cable!


Suddenly need more throughput = more cables? Ouch. Repeat steps 1 and 2. Rat or water shorted cable. Repeat steps 1 and 2.

Too Inflexible for newest HOT Tech

Existing backhaul is incapable of enabling the hottest smart manufacturing, automated guest services, or extended reality—that requires the latest standards with ultra-high bandwidth.

Security Holes

Need top security—but everything is on one cable (IoT, wi-fi)? You can’t isolate segments or devices for ransomware unless you… Repeat step 1 and 2.

Massive Cost & Delay

And then there is the planning, re-planning, and tedious installation that can take months. Plus, the cost of labor, copper, patch panels, IDF and provisioning—looks like the budget deficit!

So, how do you easily set up a network, quickly, make it dependable, and secure, including the latest hot tech—all at a price within reach? Perhaps you should consider…



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Best Solution

5 Reasons to Consider Airvine

  1. EASIEST Planning
  2. FASTEST, Most Flexible Deployment
  3. Enables HOTTEST New Applications
  4. MOST Dependable Service
  5. MOST Secure

Plus, it is the Price Performance LEADER. Let’s consider each of these in detail

1) EASIEST Planning

The WaveTunnel in-building network can be deployed during the first visit to the building with little to no up-front planning—saving days to weeks of time and using non-specialized IT teams.

  • DIY Installation. You can install yourself with no special skills or certification. Does not require professional cable installers.
  • Basic Training. Does not require advanced RF knowledge to install, or certification of cable deployments, so it can be completed by your average IT team.
  • Minimal Dependency. There is no dependency between Wi-Fi and cable installers, so it can be installed quickly with a single installer, unlike cable runs that require multiple team interactions.
  • Industry Compliance. You can comply with new industry standards (move from 5 GHz to 6 GHz) without having to reconfigure or pull new cable runs.
  • Instant Link Setup. It takes minutes to add and configure Airvine and you have immediate backhaul, potentially saving weeks to months of time and labor costs.
  • Multi-access Support. Supports the aggregation of multiple access technologies (i.e., Wi-Fi/IoT/or Cellular small cells); This would require separate cable runs without Airvine.

2) FASTEST, Most-Flexible Deployment

World’s fastest and most flexible DIY installation (using a smartphone app), of a high-speed wireless backbone network—with no special skills needed. Includes…

  • All Building Types. Works with all building types (hospitals, heritage buildings, military barracks). In contrast to cable, which is restricted by any place that lacks wiring space, or by having to drill holes.
  • Best Coverage. Provides complete in-building coverage, including parts of the building where cable deployment is not feasible.
  • Easiest Wall Penetration. Penetrates through most walls without drilling, or construction changes.
  • Large Coverage Area. Covers over 100 meters in range, but also hard to get to areas like hallways, patios, parking lots, etc. where pulling cable is near impossible.
  • Fastest Configuration & Re-Config. Rapid reconfiguration, for quick and easy moves, adds, and changes without interruptions.
  • High-Speed Data Throughput. Higher speed than required for aggregation of most Wi-Fi AP, IoT, and small cell devices. Can be achieved with minimum time and effort, or without the expense of upgrading to fiber.

3) Enables HOTTEST New Applications

Airvine’s deployment flexibility and intelligence enable rapid enablement of the latest applications such as automated cameras, virtual, augmented, and extended reality applications, such as immersive training, smart manufacturing, and automated guest identification and services—that all require ultra-fast wireless connectivity.

  • Automated adaptation. The channel bonding enables higher throughput between any two WaveTunnel links.
  • Resource Reservation. Can dedicate a channel or a virtual channel to provide forwarding performance guarantees.
  • Real-Time Services. Can dedicate a channel to provide guaranteed forwarding delay for real-time traffic.

4) MOST Dependable Service

Transports and switches data to and from access devices to the cloud, gateway, or firewall. Uses an unlicensed spectrum with massive available bandwidth, that does not require AFC compliance, and is a self-healing and resilient network managed in the cloud. Plus, additional unique features like:

  • Link SLA. Provides guaranteed throughput and latency due to the abundance of bandwidth in the V-band spectrum.
  • Self-Healing Network. If a node in a ring fails, the neighboring nodes turn around the ring, thus enabling a highly resilient backbone
  • No Spectrum Limitation. The V-band spectrum is unlicensed and unpolluted and the entire spectrum is available for use by Airvine. In contrast, Mesh Wi-Fi requires extensive site surveys, dedicated channels, and causes degradation in the user channel bandwidth.
  • Free of AFC Compliance. The V-band doesn’t require coordination with external spectrum servers to use any channels or the entire band. WaveTunnel can provide detailed analytics at the transport layer for the system, allowing the use of AIOps to optimize the system performance, or find and correct errors before they happen.
  • Cloud Management. Provides cloud management of transport infrastructure. Provides instant fault isolation, configuration management and network optimization remotely.


5) MOST Secure

Through virtual and physical network segmentation, using intelligent switching capabilities, it provides high protection against security attacks. Key features…

  • IT and OT Security. Can easily create separate IT and OT networks to enhance security (without separate cable/fiber networks or through software segmentation).
  • Client Network Traffic Segmentation. Different client networks (Wi-Fi, IoT, Metaverse traffic) can be separated physically or separately to provide the best user experience—without planning, and installation of separate cable runs.
  • Software Controlled Segment. You can intelligently control the traffic to a defined number of WaveTunnel hops to maximize security and enable network troubleshooting.
  • Ransomware Protection. A section of the WaveTunnel backbone can be turned off to isolate parts of the infrastructure to prevent ransomware attacks.

Plus, the Price Performance LEADER

Provides for the lowest total cost of deployment and ownership for an in-building high-speed network.

  • Pay as you Grow. You can add capacity to your network where and when you need it – all without any contracts and paperwork.
  • Minimizes Product Support. Airvine software automatically checks the health of your backhaul network and reports any issues, helping prevent downtime.
  • Lowest Cost of Deployment. Since it is DIY, you can dramatically save the cost of materials, planning, re-planning, pulling wire, and certifying connections.
  • Shortest Deployment Time. Takes hours or days, versus weeks or months to deploy—much faster completion and less disruption. Plus, you can easily take Airvine with you when moving to different locations.

What’s Holding You Back?

Now that you have seen some of the advantages or Airvine, what’s holding you back? Following are common questions:

  • How safe is it? 100% safe. Within the FCC and UL guidelines—similar to Wi-Fi or a 5G phone.
  • How well does it penetrate really thick walls? Penetrates all interior walls, except thick concrete or rock walls. New amplified antenas will penetrate thicker exterior walls.
  • How do I get AC power to the unit? In general, most places already have a power outlet. It can also get power from a power over ethernet (POE) source.
  • How reliable is the WaveTunnel? It is extremely reliable, runs cooler than most industrial routers, and rats can’t chew the wires! Plus, the smart software has detailed analytics that can detect any failures, making it easy to isolate and recover (vs “dumb” cable).
  • What is the ROI? Please see ROI slide.

Picture This – Old Life

You are beaten to death with network planning meetings, you just ripped your best shirt on a nail trying to string a cable. Your wrist will never be the same, after smashing a small hole in a concrete wall. It’s already weeks, and in comes another cable drop request—can you spell D.E.L.A.Y? And the cable speed is too slow, and can’t securely connect IoT… so you get to do this again if you later want the latest tech.

Life sucks!

New Life – Just Airvine it!

This time you picked up the Airvine WaveTunnel. The planning took hours (not days or weeks), you visited the site, snapped in few devices while there and… you are connected! No complex planning, immediate deployment, and no crawl spaces or drilling holes.  Much better security—later isolated and stopped a ransomware attack via software in minutes.  Plus, you enabled your smart HD manufacturing roving camera with no wires. All at a small fraction of the time and cost! This is so cool.

Life is good!

What’s Next?

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